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Debi Tripp, C. Ht.
Experiencer of UFO/ET Phenomena 
Hypnotherapist, EFT & Shamanic Practitioner

In November of 2011, I experienced an event that would forever change who I am and what I believe. I feel fortunate that due to my profession, I have been able to not only help myself, but to be of service to other experiencers. If you suspect you are an experiencer of extraterrestrial (ET) or interdimensional (ID) abduction or contact, and you are suffering from fear, anxiety, insomnia, or other related symptoms, please know that there IS help. I invite you to take a look at the Services Page for more information. I am honored to be the Tennessee support facilitator of Starborn Support, founded by Audrey Hewins. If you are a researcher or an enthusiast of this phenomena, I invite you to also look around this website and
hopefully you will find something of interest!

Coming in 2015

Cover Art by Christine Dennett aka Kesara

2012 marked my 25th year working in the field of alternative health. I am a board certified clinical hypnotherapist, advanced EFT practitioner, meditation facilitator, reiki and shamanic practitioner, sound therapist, family herbalist, aromatherapist, and a legally ordained Unity-New Thought minister specializing in celebrancy.

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