The Experiencer's Journal 



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Please note: I am currently not performing shamanic services.

EFT, Lenormand Readings, & groups are still available.

I'm in the home stretch for getting this book finished! 

Thank you all for your support.

Debi Tripp, C.Ht.

Member of the Following Organizations...

​​​ * EFT~Emotional Freedom Technique     -traditional or shamanic

​* power animal retrievaLS





SHAMANIC journeying 

sacred drumminG & CHANTING

​*Lenormand & ORACLE Card Readings


I hope my website  will give you a more complete picture of who I am and why I do what I do in my profession. I am an experiencer of ET/UFO phenomena and because of these "happenings" my path has led me to assisting others in coping with their own encounters.

For those of you interested in my story and how it relates to your own, please feel free to listen or watch what I've listed on the Interviews & Media page.  

It is my hope that you will find information and services here to assist you in techniques for finding that quiet place for yourself, rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit, and for removing blockages or obstacles that may be keeping you from moving forward with your life, family, career, or spiritual path.  Please see the "Menu" page for more information.

I have spent more than 27 years in the alternative health field, and am currently a board certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other Energy and Consciousness Therapies such as Sound Healing, Meditation and Shamanic Practices.  I facilitate a support group for ET/UFO experiencers in my area for Starborn Support, MUFON, and FREE.  I'm an avid Lenormand enthusiast and offer Lenormand and other Oracle Card Readings  as a "law of attraction" tool, divining, and just plain fun!  I'm also a legally ordained Unity-New Thought Minister specializing in celebrancy (the act of ceremony) and have officiated weddings in the Nashville area since 2004 (  I am in the process of finishing a book about my experiences and have recently completed The Experiencer's Tool Box Flow Chart and The Experiencer's Journal.  I homeschool our daughter and share a lovely cottage with my husband, three cats, a poodle, and two magical toads in the Nashville, Tennessee area.