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My name is Debi Tripp and I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist. However, I do not practice traditional hypnotherapy. I prefer to use EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, and also various meditation practices to help my clients achieve their goals and create the life they would like to live.  One thing I love about EFT is that it can be easily and safely done over Skype. So no matter where you live in the world, if you have a good internet connection, we can have a successful session!

I have spent more than twenty-nine years in the alternative health field and have had many "interesting" personal experiences which have molded me into the person and therapist that I am today.  Please see the various tabs above if you'd like to read more.

When working with clients, I often use EFT/ hypnosis for anxiety and self esteem issues, but the catch phrase for EFT is to "try it on everything".  Please see the About EFT page for more information about this wonderful therapy. It worked for me many years ago on an issue and when I completed my hypnosis certifications I decided to go further with my training to learn advanced EFT techniques because I realized how effective it was.​  It brings me great pleasure and joy to bring these gleaned skills to you to help you achieve the life you desire and deserve!