EFT works on the theory that our negative emotions are nothing more than a disruption in our body’s energy system.

Certain traumas and events can create this disruption. Imagine sticking a screwdriver into the back of an old TV set and messing around with the wires. What was once a direct signal to create a clear picture is suddenly gone. Once you fix that disruption, the TV becomes clear again.

By tapping on certain acupressure points while phrasing statements related to your issue, EFT can help to restore the balance and clear the negativity in your system so you can live a full and happy life.

The catch phrase associated with EFT is to “Try It On Everything!”… quitting smoking, getting over a relationship, improving your self-esteem, removing blockages, obtaining goals, attracting prosperity or the right partner, or improving a sport or hobby, EFT is a fast and effective tool to self improvement and empowerment.

Did you know that you can also use EFT to attract certain energies to you? In doing Light Work, we can do an EFT session focusing on invoking the ARCHANGELS, ASCENDED MASTERS, A SPIRIT GUIDE or POWER ANIMAL or MOTHER MARY to help with an issue, or just to invite them into your life! And just so you know, you do not need to be Catholic or even Christian to ask for the intercession of Mother Mary. She is a profound healing force. We can also focus on attracting the energies of  ABUNDANCE, A LOVING PARTNER, A NEW JOB OR CAREER, and so on.

On that same note, a few years ago during a shamanic journey, my guide appeared and simply said, "Shamanic EFT". I replied, "Yes! That's a wonderful idea!" only to forget it the next day. A few days later I was enmeshed n another journey, and he showed up and delivered the same message again. I had a V8 moment and remembered to write it down when I returned to "ordinary reality".  In Shamanic EFT, we will listen to a drum beat while performing the tapping session and do a mini journey at the end to help you see your request/issue as finished and exactly as you want it.

Please Note:  I do not work with clients who have suffered severe trauma, such as physical or sexual abuse or other "major" traumas.  This is not in my scope of practice and I suggest you consult with your psychotherapist or social worker. Depending on the location and if your therapist is open to EFT, I may sit in on a session at their office with you and go through the EFT session with the therapist being present.  Please discuss this with me before purchasing a session.

Please email me at debiyoung1111@gmail.com with what you are needing.

Unless otherwise specified by you, your session will be a traditional EFT/Tapping session. If you would like one of the more alternative EFT sessions, just let me know!  Sessions take place via Skype.

$ 120 for 1-hour


Sometimes things happen in our lives that can make us question what we believe (as you may have read on the My Story page!)  During this session I will try to help you make sense of the experiences you may be having and help to guide you....or you may just be thinking of taking your spiritual or religious path in a different direction and need some advice. Whatever may be on your heart, I'm happy to talk it through with you.

$60 for 1-hour via Skype.


As a Reiki Master, one of my favorite ways to utilize healing energy is at a distance. I will email you once the session is complete, or you may coordinate a time with me if you'd like to "tap-in" while I am performing the energy work, but please know this is not necessary for the energy to do it's job!  Please read from the descriptions below to see which type of energy work you would like sent. Please email me at debi.tripp@yahoo.com with "Session" in the subject line. Include your care, concern, your name, general location, and a photo. 

Please choose how much time you'd like from the drop-down menu below:



Distance energy sent in the traditional reiki way.


Invoking the Archangels to intercede on your behalf.


In addition to the energy that will be sent, I also pray the Rosary and the Mary, Undoer of Knots prayer,

invoking Her to aide in your specific issue or concern.


I will smudge, rattle, and drum in the helping

spirits during this session


Power animals are guardian spirits. We all have power animals who come and go throughout our lives, and often have many around us. Sometimes, our power animal leaves us. It is not known why this happens. In many tribal cultures, it is believed that a child will not survive their childhood without their power animal. 

As in soul loss, we may feel disempowered, distraught, depressed, dispirited. We may have symptoms such as chronic illnesses or a string of bad luck, and in extreme cases, the loss of a will to live. These guardian spirits help us to remain empowered, healthy and enthusiastic. 

If you are feeling any of the above mentioned emotions, you may have the loss of this powerful spirit ally. During a Power Animal Retrieval, I will perform a meditation where I enter “non-ordinary” reality with my own power animal to retrieve your power animal. I act on the compassion of the animal to request it’s return. If for some reason the animal does not wish to return, then another power animal is asked to come forward to replace the other. Once this has taken place, you will hopefully start to feel your vitality return. It may return quickly, or it may be a more gradual feeling.
Power Animal Retrieval is a fundamental shamanic practice to help you become re-spirited and to “get your power back”.

$20/session -length varies as they appear when they appear!  Some do it quickly while others like to mosie on in. They are usually not longer than 20-30 minutes. I will email you once I've finished the session and let you know who came forward and explain how to integrate this new spirit into your life.

Spiritual Mentoring
Length of Session
Power Animal Retrieval

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60-minute Sessions

Please note that the above sessions are not meant to replace traditional medical care. However, they work as a wonderful complementary therapy to your traditional care.

To make an appointment, simply choose your session from the drop-down menu--this will enable your payment options. Then send me an email at debiyoung1111@gmail.com or call me at 615-714-3434 to set up your appointment. 

In-person Sessions are located at my home office:


208 East Avenue

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