Grand Tableau WITH Houses

(cloth under cards)


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Ahhh! The Lenormand and Kippers! I love the image it conjures up of old time reading parlors from the 1800's, draperies and table cloths of burgundy and gold, dark wood accents, old taverns and pubs in Europe, and maybe even New Orleans. There's nothing like the charm and mystique of old fashioned fortune telling! I always get a little giddy when I imagine it. 

I personally have fallen in love with using The Lenormand and Kippers for fast and accurate readings. Where the Tarot and Angel Cards lend to the psychological and emotional, the Lenormand and Kipper cards are  quite literal and pragmatic,  blunt and to the point!  You won't find too many card readers who read The Lenormand or Kippers, but they are gaining more popularity of late. I often just stick to the Lenormand in a reading because it is quite swift in its answers and you can often address many issues or questions in a short amount of time. From there I may layer with the Kippers. At the end of the session, I like to draw an Angel Card to have a positive final message. I call this the "Many Voices Reading".


The Lenormand consists of 36 cards and was named for Mlle. Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, the French fortune teller to Napoleon and his wife, Josephine. She was a "Sybil" of that era and read for many famous dignitaries. It's fame spread quickly throughout Europe and is loosely based on the cartomantic style of the 1800's, though there is no proof she actually used these cards. It has been hypothesized that she used a deck of Piquet cards and possibly drew symbols on them. 

The earliest evidence of the Lenormand's origins dates back to Germany in 1799 and a parlor game created by J.K. Hatchel. It was called "The Game of Hope". His games were used not just for fun but also education. It was a way to teach morals and to encourage folks not to give in to the gambling frenzy of the day. The Game of Hope used symbols on the cards that instilled the values of a wholesome home and church life, such as the garden, the cross, the dog, the house, the bouquet.

Many of the symbols on the Lenormand are also symbols commonly observed in tea leaves or coffee grind readings. These symbols were well known to card players from a game called the Coffee Cards. And so, over time, all of things these slowly emerged into this gift of the the mystical Lenormand. 

The Kippers, or Kipperkaarten, hail from around 1890 Germany, most likely Bavaria in Southern Germany. Like Mlle. Lenormand, the Kippers may have been named for a Madame Susanne Kipper, a fortune teller of the day. There is no hard evidence of this. With both ladies it may have been a marketing ploy using their names to sell decks. 

The Kippers, like the Lenormand, consist of 36 cards, and mainly represent people in your life with a few places, objects, and situations thrown in. There are cards such as the the main male or female, the good lady and good gentleman, the rich girl, the false person, the small child, a military person. Places include the living room, prison, the house, a long road, the court. Objects may be a gift or a pleasant letter. Situations may be a short illness, thievery, high honors, big luck, success in love, a funeral, or unexpected money.   Used alone or with the Lenormand, they are very specific and make for a well-rounded reading.


Card readings, also known as the art of "cartomancy,"  aren't necessarily psychic readings. You don't have to be psychic to "read the cards". I personally dislike calling myself a "psychic" due to the negative and unrealistic connotations attached to it...I prefer "Intuitive Coach" or "Intuitive Advisor." Am I psychic? Why yes! And so are you! So certainly intuition pushes its way into a reading, and I continuously work on honing my own psychic skills. However, I believe in the Law of Free Will,  so things change based on your decisions. For example, let's say you were on your way to the local Irish Pub for a bite to eat. Your plan was to go directly there from work. But, then you think, "Maybe I'll stop at the store to pick up that blouse I've been wanting." And then you may say, "Hmm, I'll drop by my mom's to see if she'd like to join me."  Each of these things changes your path--sometimes slightly, or sometimes in a major way. Keep in mind that during your reading,  we are focusing on the way things are at that particular time. As long as your path doesn't change, it can be predictive. But different choices will lead to different outcomes. Also, if you choose to have an Angel Card Reading, remember that although you may have a particular question in mind, the Angels will bring through what they feel you need to hear, which may or may not be related to your question. So keep an open heart and mind!  


The Grand Tableau is a much longer reading. It uses all 36 cards in the Lenormand or Kipper decks and they are read in "blocks" or "cubes" related to each different area in your life (home, work, family, health, etc.) . Each of these cards falls on top of a particular "house"~ and that also has a strong bearing on the meaning that comes through.  I recommend this spread once or twice a year, though some people like to do one every three months. This is a good spread to do at your birthday or at the start of a new year. It takes about 60-90-minutes to complete.


Sometimes we need confirmation or validation about the happenings in our lives. Or a push or nudge in the right direction. I have loved the charm and mystical ambiance of card readings since I was very young. It is first and foremost fun and intriguing. Secondly, it can be taken very seriously as a way to hear the voice of the Divine.  As with Shamanic work, intention is everything when it comes to giving and receiving an accurate message. During a reading, we call in the highest frequencies of love and light, angelic energies, and whomever you may connect with as Source. I personally call in Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and the Legions, and my own personal guides.


Short answer email readings are available and very economical. Ask your question and try to be as specific as possible. I will lay down 3 to 5 cards. $10

Block of 9 cards email mini reading is $20


All 36 Cards (without houses) is $60 and takes approximately one hour.

All 36 cards WITH houses (this is done with a Lenormand Cloth laid underneath the spread and gives further insight to the reading) is $120 and takes approximately one-and-a-half hours.

If you are seeing me in-person, please pay at the time of your reading.

~Please note that Mystical Heart and the Conjure Shop only accept cash. 

~In-person sessions take place at Mystical Heart in Mt. Juliet or at the Conjure Shop/Aromagregory in Donelson. Sometimes I can meet you at a local coffee shop in my area depending on how much privacy you are needing. These locations can be very homey with a cup of tea. coffee, or soup!

So, I have this little vice...

A Kipper Block of 9 with the Female Significator/Querant in the Center

A Grand Tableau without the under-cloth (houses) using the Mystical Lenormand Deck.

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The Pixie's Astounding Lenormand was made to mesh with the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck...they work wonderfully together!

The White Mojo Lenormand by Gregory White who owns a local shop here in the Nashville area. Available on Amazon. If  you live locally, treat yourself to a visit to their shop!  Click the link below for details...

2 rows of 3 with the Under the Roses Lenormand

Let us not forget the Angels!  They are always present and I love to include them in the message.

A Kipper Grand Tableau

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